Top Level Virtual Assistance at Your Fingertips



Social Media Management


Social Media content can be a never ending time suck. I can help wow your followers with your best social presence yet! Here's what I can help with:


  • Social Strategy

  • Profile & Scheduler Set-up

  • Social Scheduling

  • Instagram Planning

  • Pinterest Pinning

  • Blog Management

  • And so much more 

Content Creation


Beautiful digital content and graphics are a huge contributing factor to get people to engage with your brand on social media. Let's attract your future clients with some eye-catching content! Canva and Picmonkey are my jam! Here are some things I can create for you:


  • Graphics for ANY Social Media Platform

  • Video Creation using Camtasia

  • Newsletters

  • E-course Materials & Guides

  • And more! 

Content Re-Purposing


Continuous content is very important for your online presence. Let's get to work on managing your content calendar. We will get you up and running with your evergreen content in no time! I will:


  • Create & Manage your Content Calendar

  • Help you Plan your Newsletter, Proofread, Edit, and Schedule

  • Repurpose your Video Content from Facebook and YouTube! 

  • Convert Existing Content into Blogposts, Newsletters, Social Media Posts and more!​​

Website Management


Your website is your calling card for potential clients so let's make it shine! Need to spice it up or organize it better? I've got your back! Here's how I can help:


  • Updates to Show your Personality and Spruce up your Web Presence

  • De-Cluttering those pesky pages!

  • Creating New Pages as Needed

  • Troubleshooting Problematic Pieces of your Site

  • More, More and More!



Have a cluttered inbox, contact list or database? When you sit down to clean it out is it too overwhelming? I love helping people organize these parts of their life so they are free to do more important things. Here are some things I can do for you:


  • File, Color-Code, Block, Filter, Unsubscribe, Archive, Tag and more

  • Missing an E-mail Address or Phone Number for a Contact? I'll Research and whip up their Information in no time!

  • Some Programs I like to organize or get you started on: Gmail, MailChimp, Insightly, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive...The list goes on and on!

Administrative Tasks


There are a lot of tasks you do throughout the workweek that consume more time than you'd like. That's what I'm here for. Some of my skills include:


  • Bookkeeping

  • Invoicing & Paying Bills

  • Keeping an extra eye on your E-mail for anything important

  • Research you don't have time to do (or just don't want to do)

  • Troubleshooting

  • Data Entry

  • Proficient with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Google docs & Spreadsheets...and so on.

  • Proofreading

  • Resume & Cover Letter creation, updating, & editing.